Monday, December 13, 2010

Review of Storm Glass by Maria V Snyder

Storm Glass has been sitting on my shelf for months. I loved the Study series - by the same author, in the same setting, just with a different character - so I'm embarrassed by how it took me to get started on this.

Opal's been training with best magicians in Sitia for years, but it's clear she'll only ever be a one-trick wonder. She's a glass maker, and created a way to communicate long distances through her magic glass.

But then she's asked to accompany the Second Magician, Zitora, to find why the Stormdancers' - magicians who trap storms to harness their energy - glass orbs are breaking and killing the Dancers. She's thrown into the middle of a conspiracy that threatens all of Sitia, and it seems that unless she can get her magic straight, she won't be able to save herself, let alone her home.

The Glass series feels more suited to the YA genre than the Study series, and also features a lot more romance.

The Glass series centers on Opal, a minor character from later in the Study series. I loved the way Opal's character developed. She was initially insecure in her abilities, but grew to overcome her limited magic and use her brain rather than rely on it. I like a character that's smart, rather than powerful.

Storm Glass's plot, I found, was incredibly unique. I've never read anything similar to it before. It's a completely new take on magicians. The world Maria sets it in is also unique and thorough. It's so different to the one in which we live, yet I still find I can imagine it perfectly.

Starting Storm Glass, I was already familiar with Maria V Snyder's writing style. All I can say is, she sure has a way with words.

I rate Storm Glass 4 out of 5, and recommend it to anyone who liked Kristin Cashore's Graceling, and also to anyone who's the read the Study series but didn't want to continue with the Glass series because they liked the way it ended.

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