Friday, December 31, 2010

Review of The Pace series by Shelena Shorts

I won both The Pace and The Broken Lake from a Goodreads giveaway, and they arrived around a week ago. I decided that I'd review the series together; or at least these two together, because I don't see myself reading the next book in the series, The Iron Quill (1st of August, 2011).


Weston is a one-of-a-kind immortal, thanks to an experimental blood transfusion. Sophie is an anti-social online student. The unlikely pairs' worlds will collide - literally - when she crashes her car into his.

After she finds out about his nature, she thinks things can't get any weirder, but that's until she realises that she belongs in his world.

The Pace never really hit the spot, for me. I've read rave reviews for this semi-obscure book, and so, had high hopes.

The premise - or at least Weston's situation - was unique, I admit, but sadly, that's where my praises stop.

I didn't like the writing style. I was being told everything that Sophie was doing, all the time, where half of it didn't feel relevant. She woke up, had breakfast, did some homework - sure, but none of that was vital to the story. Also, the dialogue between characters felt unnatural. In speech, it felt like the author was avoiding contractions. Do not, she is, etc.

The story was slow in building to the complication, which tacked on the end felt like an afterthought to the story. The ending was abrupt - I found myself flicking for a conclusion.

I couldn't identify with Sophie. She didn't feel like a teenager, but more middle-aged. Some of the secondary characters had more stand-out personalities, but I didn't really feel for any of them.

The Broken Lake picks up shortly after where The Pace left us.

The plot in the second installment to the series is better, in that several events throughout the middle of the book are important to the conflict, but otherwise, a lot of it felt pointless. If there were dramatic tension, I could handle the build up, but what's dramatic about Sophie and Wes hanging out on a lake, or having fun unchaperoned at a Ski Chalet?

I still couldn't really find myself feeling for any of the characters. I just found myself not caring about them or their ordeals.

The cliffhanger ending to this book didn't feel all that dramatic, and it didn't leave me aching to read the next book like they usually do.

I give this series 2 out of 5 and maintain that just because this review is less-than-favorable does not mean that you won't enjoy it either. If you liked Twilight, you might like this series.