Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review of Forget-Her-Nots by Amy Brecount White

I posted a few weeks ago about how I won a signed copy of Forget-Her-Nots. I have finally gotten around to reading it, and here's my review:

Something - some power is blooming inside Laurel. She can use flowers to do things. Like bringing back lost memories. Or helping her friends ace tests. Or making people fall in love.
Laurel suspects her newfound ability has something to do with an ancient family secret, one that her mother meant to share with Laurel when the time was right. But then time ran out.
Clues and signs and secret messages seem to be all around Laurel at Avondale School, where her mother had also boarded as a student. Can Laurel piece everything together quickly enough to control her power, which is growing more potent every day? Or will she set the stage for the most lovestruck, infamous prom in the history of the school?

[Summary from Goodreads]

The premise of this book was what drew me in. I'm always up for something different, and flower magic seemed just that. Laurel's mother was a flower enthusiast and always spoke about the Victorian language of flowers. Laurel took up learning the language after her mother's death, and through that, she discovered the magic of flowers.

Laurel was a fairly likable character. Though she gave off a naive air, she could do what needed to be done and act when need be. The secondary characters had personalities that were realistic and unique from each other.

The writing style was nice, though it felt a little...babyish? Which I suppose should be expected when reading a book about characters younger than yourself.  The plot was fairly straight forward: introduction, conflict, resolution.

Overall, it was a light read: which I could appreciate after reading a series dramatic paranormal novels. It told a sweet story about first love, friendship (both creating new ones and strengthening the old) and flowers. I recommend Forget-Her-Nots to younger readers than I, and give it 3 out of 5.