Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top 5 reminders that good covers don't always equate to good books

I think we're pretty much all guilty of this misconception, and we mostly know it too. All of the gorgeous covers that publishers are creating lately have us putting these upcoming releases on our wishlist first and reading the blurb second. We're set up with high expectations from the cover, and occasionally we're let down and reminded that it's the text that really matters, not the pretty pictures on the outside.

This list also comes with the disclaimer that I don't mean to offend any fans of the following books by implying that they're bad. I think they're bad, but I don't mind if you guys think otherwise.

The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer

Looking back at the cover now, I really should have realised the way the guy's holding the girl would be indicative of the horrid romance. But underwater covers are my weakness.
Tris & Izzie

Possibly one my favourite covers of all time. Possibly one of my favourite movies of all time. Possibly one of my least favourite books of all time.


I bought this one before I even looked at the back of the book. I probably still would have bought it if I'd read the blurb then. I understand that the people who write blurbs can't put things like "Skye, put this book DOWN right NOW" on them, but I really wish they would.

The Goddess Test

I was so ready to love this book. I mean, a pretty girl in a pretty place with pretty Greek lettering. Pretty story? Wrong, anticlimactic story.


This cover's probably the oldest of all of these, and I remember how unique it was considered at the time. Now dark covers featuring pretty dresses and sad girls in contrast are pretty commonplace. But I did really love this cover at the time, and I was disappointed.

Are there any covers that set you guys up for disappointment? Or maybe visa versa, are there any amazing books you know of with horrid covers?