Sunday, October 30, 2011

A short break from your scheduled bookish programming...

I graduated (high school) on Thursday! Though I don't really feel graduated yet. Maybe it'll sink it next time something notable happens and I think "I need to remember this to tell X!" and realise that I won't just see them again on Monday morning.

Anyway, on Thursday we had our "muck-up day" where we basically come to school in costume and have a farewell assembly and morning tea with the teachers and say goodbye to the school we'll come back to next week for exams. I a Twister board? Or as the game Twister? I had trouble describing it to people before the day, and I still have trouble describing it, so have a picture!

The costume only arrived approximately 12 hours before I needed to wear it, and it was a size too big, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out regardless, even if I could have taken a couple of preparatory yoga classes to get my left foot to green.

So many other costumes were really great as well. Have another few pictures where I make an unflattering mid-sentence face alongside them. 

Later that night we had our graduation ceremony, which was pretty fun if a little poorly organised and badly photographed (I was on a table with a photographer, but my mother saw fit to commandeer the camera and didn't seem to understand that a) flash is a function that cameras have, and b) it's necessary at night).

See? Dark photo. Though I wouldn't completely blame the camerawork for the bags under my eyes.

Anyway, the morning after, the graduating class met curiously at the nearest McDonalds (because of some rule about only allowing uniformed students onto the school campus)(but really, would the park a block from the school not have been a reasonable meet-up place?). Our break-up excursion was to the beach at Torquay, though the weather didn't look like it was going to be optimal for swimming.

But then it was, and I didn't have bathers, but ended up swimming in my clothes and leaving a Skye-sized wet patch on the bus seat home.

All in all, fun times were had, and I can't wait to sit exams and be actually done.

I'm going to end with a question for all my fellow unphotogenic bloggers. How do you deal with sentimental events?