Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review of Beatle Meets Destiny by Gabrielle Williams

As it turns out, today is the 26th of January (crazy, right?). It's a little known fact that this day 223 years ago was when the First Fleet arrived in Australia. It's a public holiday, and celebrated with barbecues and parades and the like. Here at the Handley residence, Australia Day isn't a big deal, but I felt like I should do something for the occasion and I reasoned that what better than read a book by an Australian Author? So I read Beatle Meets Destiny by Gabrielle Williams.

Imagine your name is John Lennon, only everyone calls you Beatle.

And then you meet your dream girl and her name is Destiny McCartney.

But what if you're already with the perfect girl?

[Synopsis by Goodreads]

I was captivated right from beginning, from the explanation of Beatle and his twin sister being born six weeks apart. Scattered throughout the book were interviews with other twins with interesting and entertaining stories to tell, which we later find out go into a documentary Beatle and his sister feature in.

You fall in love with Beatle and Destiny as soon as you meet them. Perspective between them alternates, and you hear both of their unique stories. There is so much chemistry between the pair and their conversations are hilarious.

I loved the superstitious themes, I loved Beatle and Destiny's juxtaposed family dynamics, and I loved the narration that felt perfectly true to the teenaged characters.

But what I did I love the most about this book? The setting! I've never read a book set where I live. It was weird (in the best way possible) to have been to and know about all the places the characters go.

Beatle Meets Destiny is quirky, cute, funny, (especially the stalker plot) unconventional love story. It's short and light, and I give it a 5 out of 5.


I read this book for the Aussie YA Reading Challenge.