About the person:

This is me. I like blinking in photos.*
This is you. You like me,

I'm Skye, a first year Chemical Engineering student from Melbourne.

So I never disliked reading, but I wasn't always into it as a hobby. I've been an avid reader since around three years ago, since a friend of mine all but forced me to read the Vampire Academy series. I liked it (though not anymore), and have been hooked on reading ever since.

My favourite authors include A. S. King, Maureen Johnson, John Green, Libba Bray, Maggie Stiefvater, Courtney Summers, David Levithan, Franny Billingsley, Stephanie Perkins, E. Lockhart, Melina Marchetta, Hannah Moskowitz, and Neal Shusterman.

I have a Goodreads and two Twitter accounts, all of which I use frequently: my personal Twitter | my blog Twittermy Goodreads.

About the blog:

I started In The Good Books in June of 2010, left it sitting for a while, and then really got into it around mid-October of that year, when I discovered the huge book blogging community.

It was originally called Skye Blogs Books, because I have no imagination. That name really explained it all - I blog about books. More specifically, I review and discuss young adult books. But mostly review.