Monday, August 1, 2011

Introduction: Aussie August

Aussie August is a month-long celebration of Australian literature. Each day will have one or two featured posts from great Aussie bloggers -- giveaways, reviews, interviews, guest posts, and more. In short, it's going to be a very awesome month!

The idea was originally from Braiden at Book Probe Reviews, but since, Lux from The Paperback Heart and Sas from Tea Mouse have put in a lot of work organising it. A huge thank you to them!

At the main Aussie August blog you can find a schedule and more information about the event. Check it out HERE.

My featured posts for the month will be:

  • An international giveaway of six Aussie titles that aren't readily available internationally (I've reviewed four of them here before. In fact, I reviewed one of them just this morning, if you want to know what you can win early.)
  • A collaborative post of Aussie favourites, featuring picks from several great Australian authors.
  • A discussion of what makes Australian fiction Australian (beyond the obvious 'the author is Australian').

If any of those interest you, stick around for them. On top of those three, I'll also be reading more Aussie YA than usual, so I'll be posting more reviews of Australian books than usual.

So are you guys as excited about this as I am?!

P.S. I know there are quite a few international guys who appreciate Aussie YA as well, and so this whole month doesn't seem like a big tease, I'll direct you guys to the wonderful Nomes' post about where to find Aussie books internationally.