Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A belated introduction

I don't know about you guys, but I like knowing about the people behind the blogs I read. I like blogs that have a lot of personality in their posts. And since I don't think my posts have any personality behind them, this post is a small attempt at rectifying that and a belated introduction to me.

I'm Skye, I like long walks on the beach... I like drinking tea even though I don't particularly like it because it makes me feel British and sophisticated. I like walking into Louis Vuitton, because I can, and then walking out a few seconds later because I'm intimidated by the store. I like stupid things like this that make me laugh every time I see them. I like blogs dedicated entirely to correcting the syntax of the Twilight Sigh-ga. I don't like going to a school that doesn't have dances or formals but instead, a debutante ball, for which I have to learn to waltz (I can play a waltz on the trombone, sure. Dance one? No). I like Reader's Feast Bookstore because it's unfortunate location means it's usually pretty empty and I feel comfortable sitting on the ground in front of YA shelves thumbing through everything.

(Reading that, you know me much better than you would if I told you I'd just given you my life story.)

And since this a book blog, I'll tell you about my reading habits.
I'm a student, I don't play a sport, I don't have a job, and I don't need to study extensively for good marks. So I have a load of free time. And I spend almost all of that on reading. I read a book a day on the weekends, and a book every two or three days on weekdays (except for Fridays. You gotta get down on Fridays. No time to read). Next year I'll go to uni, run out of free time, and have reading withdrawal.

And since I have this miscellaneous post going, how's my driving blogging? What do you like? What don't you like? Should I post other book-related things besides reviews every second day? Is a review every second day too often and clogging your feed?

I know I wouldn't want to leave a comment saying anything that can be construed as bad, so if you have feedback on my blogging, feel free to fill out this anonymous form.