Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My most anticipated 2011 YA novels.

The title is a lie. I don't just mean 2011 YA, but last-month-of-2010, too. But that doesn't make a concise title, does it? So anyway, the title is self-explanatory. So I'll just jump into a list of the books I'm most anticipating the release of:

5. Outside In by Maria V Snyder (1st of March, 2011).
Although I was happy with the way Inside Out finished - I, at first, thought it was a stand-alone novel - after I heard about a sequel, I began to think about how more conflict was sure to arise later in the story. And since, the idea of a sequel grew on me. In the past, I've absolutely adored everything I've read by Maria V Snyder, so I'm sure I'll love Outside In as well.

4. Wither by Lauren DeStefano (22nd of March, 2011).
I'm not going to lie - the main reason I plan to read Wither is because of its cover. But I also love the story's premise: due to a genetic problem, men in this dystopian world only live to 25 years of age, and women, only 20. I really do love me some dystopia, especially so original as Wither.

3. Where She Went by Gayle Forman (5th of April, 2011).
I liked how If I Stay finished, but I'm also not opposed to hearing more about what happens to Adam and Mia in the long run. Gayle Forman's writing in If I Stay was just so beautiful, as well, and just unforgettable. I often all but forget books I've read in the past, because I read so many, but If I Stay has just stayed with me, and I'm sure Where She Went will be the same.
2. Forever by Maggie Stiefvater (12th of July, 2011).
The last book in the Wolves Of Mercy Falls series, I expect Forever to be written as beautifully and heartbreaking as its two predecessors.
The ending of Linger just killed me. I couldn't think about anything else for at least a week. I wish I held off on reading it until Forever was out, so I wouldn't have to wait to find out how things end up for Sam and Grace.

1. Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead (7th of December, 2010).
Perhaps better known as the conclusion to the Vampire Academy series, I don't just want to read this to find out what happens to Rose, but to find out about the heroine's of Richelle's other series. Her six-book series generally follow the same plot, with the third book having the major plot twist. So I'm hoping that the end of Last Sacrifice will help me predict the way her other series will end.

So, in the comments, tell me what books you can't wait to read, be them YA or not.

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