Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guest Review of Alaska at BTL!

I read a book a while ago, and then I wrote a review for it.

I do that like, every other day, but guess what's notable about it this time?

If you guessed "you posted it somewhere else" then you'd be right! Penguin BTL sent me an advanced copy of Alaska by Sue Saliba and I wrote a guest review for them, which you can check out HERE.

So you should go check that out.

Because the book is like, good. But better than good.

I even made the link BIG in case you don't have especially great hand-eye coordination.

Okay, I'm done being enviably eloquent (*raises sarcasm hand*). Just go check out the book, okay? Because it's a new favourite of mine. Plus, the review's peppered with just some of the amazing quotes from it.